The joy of a baby's touch is a special experience. The feel of holding a nature's gift in its innocence is pure bliss. It is best taken care of in a natural way. Do you prefer natural products for a baby? Write how the goodness of Almond and Olive oils nourish a baby's skin. Valid entries win assured vouchers and we have more in store for winners.

Dabur Baby for my baby

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a nourishment pack with the natural goodness of Olive & Almond oils. This latest addition in the Dabur family comes with a purpose of developing your baby with the richness of these oils that aid in faster bone development and muscle formation. It is away from harmful ingredients like paraffin and artificial colors keeping the skin soft and supple.

Participate in the Dabur Baby Massage Oil #FirstLove activity and blog how the goodness of Almond and Olive oils keep the newness of the skin alive.